Intensive Driving Courses With 1st Learn

Taking driving lessons with an intensive course is an ideal solution for learner drivers to accelerate quicker a driving test pass. Intensive driving lessons cover the same topics as weekly training, but are condensed into a period of days.

Intensive driving courses are designed to help pupils to swiftly gain the skills and standards required to drive safely and independently on the road. Generally, courses with us range from 1 week to 4 weeks depending on the level of the pupil and their desired passing date.

Intensive courses are ideally suited to learner drivers with at least some practical road experience or more. The intensive course schedule is fast paced, so having a grasp of the basic car control skills is beneficial.

Getting started with your intensive driving course

So that we can find out about your current driving standard, and how much training you will likely need, we recommend and assessment. This is just a 90 minute drive with one of our approved instructors. On this session you can meet the driving instructor who will conduct your course as well as drive the car which you will be learning to drive in.

After assessing your driving we can get the required information to plan your intensive lessons. You and your instructor can arrange the days, times and driving test date which is most suitable for you.

If you have still to take the theory test, your trainer can provide you with assistance for this. We can help you to pass the theory quickly allowing you to motor along smoothly with the rest of your course.