Driving Lessons, Courses & Services

You can choose from a wide range of driving lessons and courses to suit your learning requirements. We understand that everyone has their own preferred way of learning to drive, so we tailor each driving course to suit each individual pupil.

We specialise in lessons for learners drivers. Very popular are our weekly lessons. These are 1, or 2 hourly sessions which make a great way to learn steadily and a comfortable pace. As an option to learn a little faster you can take more than one driving lesson each week.

If your just getting started with your driving lessons, we recommend firstly learning on a weekly basis. After gaining the basic skills, some people optionally take a fast pass intense training course.

With weekly training you can benefit with the following :

  • 5 lessons for £60 to beginners
  • Block booking package discounts
  • Student discounts

If your looking for a faster solution for learning to drive, you can take one of our intensive driving courses. These are condensed fast paced lessons which generally lasts for between 7 and 30 days.

Want to learn to drive in an automatic car? Well, you can also take automatic driving lessons here. This makes for an easier and faster option to get your driving licence with less fuss.

We always recommend that all drivers should continually improve their driving skills. This helps drivers to keep up-to-date with the highway code rules, safe routines and aims to improve road safety. Here, we offer further training on the motorway, refresher lessons, pass plus and advanced driving courses.