Choosing Your Driving Instructor

An ideal way to take driving lessons is with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) who has been registered by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). An professional ADI is allowed to provide driving lessons either for money, or monies worth.

All qualified driving instructors will have passed a series of examinations and are continually assessed by the DVSA. They have a high level of drivers skill and road knowledge.

On your lessons, an fully qualified ADI should display a green badge which is placed on the front windscreen of the tuition car. A Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) is a trainer who is not yet fully qualified but has a good high level of knowledge and practical driving abilities. A PDI will be issued with a pink badge to display when providing training.

Choosing A Driving Instructor

When looking for a driving instructor to carry out your lessons it’s recommended that you choose someone who is reliable and patient. This can have a positive affect on how well you perform during your course of training. Nowadays, people often find their instructor either online, or by recommendation.

Each person is unique, and responds well to different styles of tuition. However, in general you should look for an instructor with a good reputation, testimonials and someone who offer a punctual well organised service.

A good driving instructor will teach you how to drive properly applying the Highway Code and safe routines. This way people can be better prepared of life on the roads. By learning to drive with a reputable driving school who delivers quality driving lessons you can be better prepared for passing the driving test first time.